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Term: Protalus rampart
Definition: A Protalus Rampart is a ridge or ramp of debris that develops along the lower margin of a perennial Snow Patch. Early studies assumed that they were formed simply through the Accumulation of rock fall debris. Two views on the origin of Protalus Rampart compete. The first suggests that they are part of a linear developmental continuum of Rock Glaciers, thus thought to be due to Permafrost Creep. The second view suggests that Protalus Ramparts are not part of a developmental continuum of Rock Glaciers. Although very common in the central Andes, there are few studies devoted to these landforms (Trombotto, 2000). Note: This type of landform, when larger than 0.01 km2 and showing downslope movements, it could already be considered as a Rock Glacier.
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