Discontinuous permafrost

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Term: Discontinuous permafrost
Definition: Permafrost occurring in some areas beneath the exposed land surface throughout a geographic region where other areas are free of Permafrost. Discontinuous Permafrost occurs between the Continuous Permafrost zone and the southern latitudinal limit of Permafrost in lowlands. Depending on the scale of mapping, several subzones can often be distinguished, based on the percentage of the land surface underlain by Permafrost (extensive 65-90%, intermediate 35-65%). See also sporadic Permafrost and isolate patches of Permafrost. Discontinuous Permafrost is difficult to identify in the Andes, where the term Mountain Permafrost is usually used since permafrost within mountains frequently present variations as a function of altitude, slope orientation, topography, microclimatic conditions and radiation.
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