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Term: Cryostructure
Definition: Is the structural characteristics of frozen earth material. The Cryostructure is determined by the amount and distribution of Pore Ice (or Ice cement) and lenses of Segregated Ice. The type and arrangement of Ice in the frozen material will depend largely on the initial total water content of the material and the extent of moisture migration during subsequent freezing. For engineering purposes, the structure of frozen soil may be described as massive, layered or reticulate, based on the type and distribution of Ice in the soil. A massive structure (not to be confused with massive ground-ice forms) is characterized by the predominant presence of Pore Ice and by relatively low total Ice Content. In soils with a reticulate structure, Ice Veins generally form a random net, whereas in those with a layered structure, well-oriented horizontal Ice Lenses alternate with soil layers having a massive structure. In both cases their total Ice Content is relatively high.
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