cooperative robotics

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Term: cooperative robotics

Any robotic process where the robotic agents are specifically coordinated to accomplish tasks that would not be possible if the robots were working alone or in parallel, thus increasing the total functional utility of the system.


multiple robots moving or manipulating an object that would be too large or heavy for a single robot to move. Multiple robots specifically sequenced to alternate provide temporary support to a structure while also adding components into the structure.

Created 2023.04.09
Last Modified 2023.04.10
Contributed by Radiance Panther

I would just leave this definition as "A process where a set of robotic agents are specifically coordinated to work in tandem to accomplish a task". The second part of the definition is debatable as @RadiancePanther and @BlissTiger say. A cooperation will not necessarily be a _productive_ or a _successful_ one. - Peaceful Panda 2023.04.18

The definition includes this because that is core to the definition of the term. Cooperation leads to system utility increase, which is simply a way to say you accomplish somewhat that is not possible alone or in parallel, which is an objective measure. Better/worse is subjective, because from what perspective is one looking? - Radiance Panther 2023.04.12

Why does the definition include that the task would not have been possible if the human or the robot were working alone or in parallel? A cooperation may ultimately be worse than working alone - Bliss Tiger 2023.04.12