form finding

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Term: form finding

calculating an equilibrium state for a structure given a set of applied loads and boundary conditions while minimizing/maximizing some objective function.


the shape of a curved concrete shell roof was calculated such that bending moments were reduced throughout.

Created 2023.04.10
Last Modified 2023.04.10
Contributed by Radiance Panther

The objective function part of the definition leaves out of the equation model-based / physical form-finding. The first part of the definition is otherwise sweet, accurate and simply. Though I would rephrase that as "the generation of a shape in a state of static equilibrium" to make clear that form-finding is abound form generation. - Peaceful Panda 2023.04.18

Good definition specific to numerical form finding - Faith Eagle 2023.04.14

Form finding does not necessarily need to minimize something: FDM is a form-finding but it does not minimize an objective function unless one imposes some. - Joy Falconer 2023.04.14

Also form finding is not just about calculating an equilibrium state. A hanging chain does not calculate the equilibrium state of an arch for instance (because they are not the same system), but is used to find an optimal arch geometry. - Bliss Tiger 2023.04.12

Why the objective function? How does this related to analog form finding? - Bliss Tiger 2023.04.12