self-supporting structure

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Term: self-supporting structure

A self-supporting structure is a structure that does not need additional elements to stand.


We do not need to add props for this structure, it's self-supported.

Created 2023.04.11
Last Modified 2023.04.11
Contributed by Faith Eagle

That is a good point, @Smiles Fox! Perhaps one should say the a structure is self-supporting for a given load if it stands without additional elements when this one load is applied. The load most of the time would be gravity, but I think the concept of self-supporting could extend to other types of loads, like wind loads. - Peaceful Panda 2023.04.18

So is self-supporting only referring to stability against gravity/self-weight? (i.e. does not include wind loads, etc) - Smiles Fox 2023.04.13