fabrication-informed design

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Term: fabrication-informed design

Fabrication-informed design embed fabrication-related requirements in the design process, instead of post-processing a design that needs fabrication rationalization.


Thanks to fabrication-informed design, the glass panels that make this steel gridshell are all planar, making fabrication simpler and cheaper.

Created 2023.04.11
Last Modified 2023.04.11
Contributed by Faith Eagle

true, in the same way that detailing is part of the design process, but this adds a late tedious step, instead of reducing the number of steps and iterations where you need to change the design - Faith Eagle 2023.04.14

example should not use the term itself, but try to describe the term through the example. - Radiance Panther 2023.04.12

Isn't post processing a part of the design process? - Bliss Tiger 2023.04.12